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Premium 32x32cm repeat pattern (industry standard size)


Sweet, but what is a Premium Design?

A Premium design is one step up from a Non-exclusive design.

They tend to have a few more details & hours poured into them (hence the higher price).

On top of this, they can only be sold up to a maximum of 3 times, so you don't have to worry about seeing your print of every Tom, Dick & Harry.


Okay, Fab! I want it, now what?

You will recieve a high res JPEG of the repeat file.

Need the PSD or Colourway?

I got you! Just drop me an email quoting the style number and ill be in touch asap.


Will I own the rights?

Afraid not love!

Whilst you can use your purchased print on as many products as you want, you will not own the print outright.

However, you can drop me a message & if the print hasnt been sold elsewhere, I can relicense it.

Midscale Loose Floral

  • 32 x 32cm


    JPEG file (PSD on request)


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